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About Life Pen Company

About Life Pen Company

Life Pen Company was founded by Hamid Hassan in 1948 as a Pen repair shop and then later he started retailing writing instruments at the same shop # 125 of khanam Bazar in famous Anarkli Bazar, Lahore, Pakistan.

We have an experience of over 70 years in selling and servicing writing instruments. Whether you shop online or visit one of our shop you will enjoy a great customer experience, as well as a full after sales service, InshaAllah.

Our Vision

Life Pen Company has a vision of providing a personal level of service like has never been done before in the writing world. We are always striving to provide a fantastic customer experience and unique knowledge of our products based on our own personal interest and our constant communication with the writing community.

Please submit any enquiry you may have about our products or services.We are always happy to help with any query